The Copy Studio is a project I started in 2016 out of a passion for using content and social media as a means to connect authentically with an audience. I have a strong belief that the soul of any great content piece is how well it delivers on addressing customer pain points and their curiosity, all whilst telling a brand’s story.
Naturally, social media is a platform for delivering great content. Going further than this though, social is a powerful marketing tool that anyone can use to grow a fanbase and speak directly to their audience.
Marketing chat aside, please allow me to introduce myself and The Copy Studio!
I’m Nicole Schaerer and I’m an innovative and savvy digital native. As you may have guessed, I love all things social media and content marketing. I’m passionate about developing social communities and creating content that is memorable on a level that goes beyond engagement. My work combines creativity with data to deliver on overall business objectives.
From day to day social media management all the way through to providing businesses with comprehensive strategies to help grow their audience, The Copy Studio provides full-service social media and content marketing. Feel free to explore the full range of services now!



If you’re curious to find out a little more about me, you can stalk me on LinkedIn. Don’t worry, I won’t judge!

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