7 simple email marketing tips

In the marketing world, there are countless elements that can make or break an email. It could be the layout, readability, copy, call to action buttons or imagery. In order to maximise lead conversion, here are 13 email marketing tips from the world’s smartest companies.

  1. Let the images do the talking

Make the text-to-image ratio lean in favour towards images. Custom graphics can sometimes convey your message better than a long piece of copy. Check out how Twitter have achieved a great image-to-text ratio in an example campaign below.


  1. Use consistent branding

Evernote is a company that nails branding. The brand’s primary branding elements across all marketing materials and the company website includes the characteristic green colour and the elephant logo. In your emails, use design assets that are already familiar to your customers.


  1. Write mobile-friendly copy

Depending on the product and target audience, 15 – 70% of email opens occur on mobile devices. This makes mobile-friendly copy extremely important! Ensure that when you start designing your template that it looks great on mobile and that it’s easy to read. The company, No Sidebar, have created text-heavy emails that remain easy to read on mobile devices. Check out the below for a few useful pointers.

No Sidebar

  1. Focus on a clear call to action

The purpose of your email is to have your audience do something. Your call to action needs to stand out with a simple and easy to read design. This call to action from General Assembly is a great example of how to communicate urgency effectively via wording and a colour scheme. Your button copy is the most important part of your call to action – make sure it’s designed to be clicked.


  1. Take personalisation to the next level

It’s not hard to make your audience feel valued and the effects of doing so are far-reaching. Shutterfly is an example of a company who personalises their email marketing efforts by including users’ uploaded photos in their emails. They are pulling at the heartstrings by offering products that have pictures of loved ones and good memories pasted all over them… for 40% off.


  1. Create value for the recipient

While your main goal for email marketing is to convert, creating value for your recipient that goes beyond a great offer generates engagement and an engaged lead is more likely to convert. Take Pinterest as an example. In their email marketing comms, Pinterest include board suggestions personalised specifically for the user. The takeout from this? Use data to your advantage. Make users love your emails by sending them content that has is beyond how to use your product and/or coupons that apply to your product. Make it more about your audience than about yourself by offering a useful webinar, an eBook download or just a simple, valuable piece of non-promotional content.




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