33 highly effective marketing habits

The world of marketing is complex and ever evolving. Defined as the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising, marketing covers many areas of a business, demands creativity, discipline and innovation.

Thanks to various technologies, software and media platforms it has never been easier to connect with customers, to tell stories and create meaningful customer experiences. Despite these opportunities, marketing takes hard work – it requires working differently from the ways we have in the past and constantly reviewing our marketing practices and whether they are delivering a return on investment.

Like any habit, good marketing comes down to the day to day practices of the modern marketer. Today, marketing is more than just sending out messages – it’s about listening, understanding and engaging.

To start putting some great marketing habits into place (and to kick the old habits out the door) here are 33 highly effective marketing habits. How many can you tick off the list?

  • Start fresh every day
  • Get and use business cards
  • Write a blog and share helpful information weekly
  • Listen to your customers
  • Keep an ongoing list of creative ideas
  • Read books for inspiration
  • Use videos to market your business
  • Create social media pages for your brand
  • Use social media to engage fans
  • use social media to provide customer service
  • Collect email addresses
  • Send a regular email newsletter
  • Promote your brand via competitions, giveaways, discounts and special offers
  • Ask friends, family and customer for referrals
  • Capture positive feedback/testimonials
  • Sponsor a charity or a local event
  • Ask another business to promote your business
  • Build brand partnerships
  • Send personal cards to customers
  • Get interviewed on a blog, magazine or podcast
  • Use SEO to drive traffic
  • Use Google Adwords
  • Network with other business owners
  • Advertise on social media; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn
  • Network in LinkedIn groups
  • Segment your advertising: New & existing customers + your email list
  • Thank your customers
  • Attend a network event
  • Review competitors, see what is working and what’s not
  • Write a guest blog post
  • Host an online workshop, webinar or training
  • Write a press release
  • Review and adjust

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